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[fruitful_tab title=”How is your organization different than others doing similar work?”] Experience. Our team has had over 30 years training and sending teachers abroad. [/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Do I have to raise support?”]Yes and no. Most of our teaching situations provide some form of coverage. For example housing.salary, transportation. You should request prayer support and some financial assistance where and when needed. Perhaps there will be a special need or project you want supported. [/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Do I have to be fluent in a foreign language? “] No, It helps to know some basic words and phrases. Many times it is counterproductive to use the local language in the classroom.[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Resources “]​T O I has contracted with schools throughout the world. Serve as a “Tentmaker” like the apostle Paul. We will train you to teach abroad and how to reach the unsaved. [/fruitful_tab]